Stop smoking

Need help to stop smoking?

Don't keep putting it off. Hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking - INSTANTLY!

Minimum willpower, maximum results.

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Hypnotherapy CDs

Buy Hypnosis CDs online

Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs

Choose from eleven CDs - just £10 each. Or receive a discount if you buy more than one CD!

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Lose weight safely

Want to lose weight?

Unlike smoking, weight control is not instant. However we can work with you towards a steady but consistent weight loss.

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Gain confidence

Increase your confidence

This can be in relation to flying, heights, exams, driving tests, public speaking, and virtually any situation where we let our thoughts and fears prevent us from performing to our best ability.

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What is hypnosis?

Find out more about hypnotherapy

Discover the common uses for hypnotherapy.

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More Self-Hypnosis CDs

'Fight the Fat - and Win'
Powerful Hypnotic 8 week Weight-Loss Programme
Buy 'Fight the Fat - and Win' Hypnosis CD and Workbook

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£59.49 (+ p&p)*

Fight the Fat - and Win

A Powerful Hypnotic 8-week Weight-Loss programme

This fantastic package includes:
8 CDs containing one session per week for 8 weeks, workbook, assignments and reading (click here to view image of full contents)

'Fight the Fat - and Win' Introduction

Instead of a one-fix-does-all approach, this 8 week programme uses the power of hypnosis to attack the fat from several different directions.
It teaches you how to use self-hypnosis alongside the prepared CD tracks.

Weight Loss using self-hypnosis

Each week a new aspect of weight management is covered building, in sensible steps, towards the longer term changes you want. Areas covered include dealing with emotional eating and stress-eating. This is followed by weeks with a focus on helping you to make sensible food choices, create an intelligent relationship with food, incorporate exercise, motivate you to sustain the progress and to keep going.

As a package it is almost as good as real life weekly therapy sessions but at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy all the benefits of therapy, in the comfort of your own home.

8 CDs containing one session per week for 8 weeks

Weekly hypnosis and weekly support reading assignments, makes this a fantastic opportunity to Fight the Fat - and Win.

Weight Loss Support Hypnotherapy DVD with Ian PriceAbout your therapist

Ian Price

As an experienced hypnotist, let the sound of my voice, the effectiveness of this programme and your desire to change merge into a complete holistic approach to weight management. My entire working life has been spent working directly with people and encouraging them to achieve their goals. Step into my world and enjoy the process of change.

*£3 p&p per package ordered.

Let your fear disappear...

Overcome your phobias and fears

Do you have a fear of spiders, driving tests, flying, heights, exams, public speaking? We can help you combat your fears, anxieties and phobias.

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Safe and easy weight loss

Lose weight safely with hypnotherapy"I am 100% happy with what happened and the outcome so far. It was most certainly the best money I've spent in a long time!"

We can work with you towards a steady but consistent weight loss.

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